TINA is Not Aida - it is a TOPS-20 system running on an emulated PDP-10 - a KLH10 model KN10-KL, version 2.0h (with some additional patches), with 4MW memory, one RP07 disk, four RP06 disks, a TU45 tape drive, and an NIA20 network interface.

The emulator is running under Raspbian Linux on a Raspberry Pi model B, with a 700 MHz ARM, 512 Mb memory, 8 Gb SDHC, and a 100MB/s Ethernet interface.

The emulated system cost about 1/20000 of the original, weighs about 1/60000, using 1/6000 of the power, and still runs about 3 times faster than the original system.

Check out the "sibling" machine UP.

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